Round-Up at the Register 2024 Launch

The CO-OP has many New Years aspirations, including the launch of our Round-Up at the Register Program. Through a Round-Up at the Register Program, customers can round-up the total of their purchase to the nearest dollar which will then be donated to a chosen nonprofit or charity. Each Round-Up will last a month. 

As we are in the beginning stages of establishing this program, we will start small by donating to four organizations, equating to a round-up once a quarter during 2024. As the program solidifies, our goal is to build relations with 12+ nonprofits so MCM can host monthly round-ups in future years.  

How Will MCM determine who to donate to?

In the beginning, the co-op will choose which nonprofits to donate to based on who aligns with our core values and principles. Local organizations will take precedence but nonprofits with focuses like food sovereignty, food access, supporting farmers, fair trade, and equal exchange are considered. As the program grows, we hope to reach a point where members can vote who to donate to for the upcoming months, creating more involvement with our shoppers and community. 

A long time partner of MCM, The Window is a nonprofit and charitable based organization that has been serving the Goshen Community for the past 50 years. Through core programs like their food pantry, clothing closet, and Meals on Wheels, The Window strives to meet the essential needs of anyone with a limited income. This local nonprofit will be the first in our 2024 Round-Up at the Register line up, beginning in January and ending on the 31st. 

To learn more about The Window and how to get involved, please visit

Round-Up at the Register 2024 Launch
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