Maple City Market


Rose Shetler

Why are you interested in serving on the MCM Board?

I have shopped at Maple City Market for many years, and I appreciate very much the value it brings to the Goshen area – from the fresh, organic and bulk food that is offered to the way it supports local growers. I also appreciate the member-controlled co-op model which creates and enhances a sense of community.

I have enjoyed serving on the MCM Board of Directors for nearly three years. It has been remarkable and inspirational to see the market thrive despite the difficulties of the pandemic. I also enjoy the process of working with others to ensure we remain true to the values-based mission and set a vision for the future. I look forward to the ways the market will grow in the next three years and welcome the opportunity to serve on the Board for another term if re-elected.

Most of all, I want to see MCM succeed, remain fiscally viable, and continue to serve the Goshen community. I hope that by serving on the board I can play a small part in the growth and success of Maple City Market.

MCM’s Ends Statement describes how we work together to impact our community in tangible ways. If elected, how might you envision Maple City Market changing and evolving to better achieve these ends?

I envision increasing our number of member-owners and regular shoppers through marketing, membership drives, word of mouth, and extending a welcoming, hospitable environment. We might also consider increasing our square footage to serve more customers. Regenerative environmental impacts can be increased by utilizing even more local vendors and encouraging recycling and the reuse of personal containers for bulk foods.

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