2022 MCM Board Election

We’re excited to present our 2022 slate of candidates

for the MCM Board of Directors! 

This year we have 7 candidates for 5 open seats. You may vote for up to 5 candidates. You must be a current Co-op Member in good standing for your vote to be counted. Follow the “Vote Here” link at the bottom of the page to start your ballot.

Meet the Candidates

Click on each candidate’s image to read their full statements

Luke Gascho

I believe that Maple City Market plays an important role in our community by building a healthier food system. I am interested in serving on the board because I resonate with the purposes, values and practices of MCM.

If elected…

MCM’s End Statements engage in the discerning work of identifying objectives and actions that will increase the movement toward accomplishing MCM’s End Statements. articulate a vibrant, preferred future for MCM and its role in its service area. As a board member, I will learn about past and present actions that are addressing the ends.

Anna Parker

I’m interested in serving on the Maple City Market board because I believe the food we put into our bodies and the people we’re in relationship with have the greatest impact on our personal wellbeing, and our ability to access our highest potential. And I believe that designing systems to return energy and vitality to the Earth has the greatest impact on our collective wellbeing.

If elected…

I’d like to use my experience in values-based strategic planning, consumer research and organizational leadership to help MCM design insight-driven programs and engage current and potential members in a meaningful and motivating way.

Dustin George-Miller

Maple City Market is an area gem, a wonderful local resource for organic food, local and community-sourced agriculture, and unique products that are hard to find elsewhere. I have always appreciated MCM’s commitment to fostering and supporting accessible, sustainable food for our local community. For that reason, I would like to be a part of helping guide the future of MCM and ensuring that it remains a fixture in the Goshen area for years and decades to come.

If elected…

I would like to see MCM continue to work towards making sustainable, healthy, local food available to lower-income people in our community, as they are the ones who can benefit the most from access to healthy and affordable food options.

Dawn Detweiler

I see serving on the Board as one way to give back to our community and to further support the cooperative values and principles that MCM brings to that community. I would love to have the opportunity to learn more from current Board members about sustainable and equitable practices as well as the regenerative and responsible ecological practices of growers and suppliers – both locally and globally.

If elected…

I would be interested in discussing further ways to practice community outreach that might help to educate more people in the community about the values and practices of MCM because I believe there are many who still do not understand all that MCM has to offer, or the importance of supporting local growers/suppliers in equitable relationships.

Rose Shetler

I have enjoyed serving on the MCM Board of Directors for nearly three years. It has been remarkable and inspirational to see the market thrive despite the difficulties of the pandemic. I also enjoy the process of working with others to ensure we remain true to the values-based mission and set a vision for the future. I look forward to the ways the market will grow in the next three years and welcome the opportunity to serve on the Board for another term if re-elected.

If elected…

I envision increasing our number of member-owners and regular shoppers through marketing, membership drives, word of mouth, and extending a welcoming, hospitable environment.

Karla Minter

My primary interest in serving on the Maple City Market Board is to join in developing a vision for building a thriving community, with increased quality of life, health and well-being, while reducing food insecurity and environmental impact. I am also interested in continuing and strengthening the relationships the Board of Directors has with you, the owner-members, and listening to your diverse voices as we look to the future.

If elected…

I would listen closely to learn the full scope of the Board’s history, current work and future opportunities. With this knowledge, I will actively join with leadership in shaping policies and creating meaningful relationships for a strong future for Maple City Market and its owner-members.

David Kendall

I am a passionate shopper and supporter of the Maple City Market. Those who have worked at the MCM for a while know me by name and likely aren’t surprised when they sometimes see me two or three times in one day! I love the place and care deeply about how it functions as a resource in our community. Being on the MCM Board would allow me to support the market by serving with other like-minded people to make sure that positive steps are taken for it to continue to flourish.

If elected…

I’m excited about the MCM’s potential to reach a more diverse group of people to become members of this co-op. I would embrace opportunities and initiatives that would ensure this kind of growth. I also believe that MCM should take measures to become even more sustainable.

Thank you to each of the candidates for their interest and willingness to serve on the co-op’s board. Co-op board elections is how our co-op members exercise Cooperative Principle #2: Democratic Member Control

  • Voting will close on Tuesday, May 31st
  • Click on the “Vote Here” button to cast your vote!

You will need to provide an email and/or phone number to validate your ballot. Thank you to Marquette Food Co-op IT Department in Marquette, Michigan for administering our online voting again this year!

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