Maple City Market


Dustin George-Miller

Why are you interested in serving on the MCM Board?

Maple City Market is an area gem, a wonderful local resource for organic food, local and community-sourced agriculture, and unique products that are hard to find elsewhere. I have always appreciated MCM’s commitment to fostering and supporting accessible, sustainable food for our local community. For that reason, I would like to be a part of helping guide the future of MCM and ensuring that it remains a fixture in the Goshen area for years and decades to come. As an Elkhart County native, a Goshen College graduate and employee, and a long time MCM member, Goshen is my home, and Maple City Market is a resource that I and my family treasure. I am excited at the possibility of helping MCM continue to enhance its mission to this community.

MCM’s Ends Statement describes how we work together to impact our community in tangible ways. If elected, how might you envision Maple City Market changing and evolving to better achieve these ends?

I would like to see MCM continue to work towards making sustainable, healthy, local food available to lower-income people in our community, as they are the ones who can benefit the most from access to healthy and affordable food options. I also see the board helping guide MCM to being more nimble and progressive with the kinds of products and services offered in the store and elsewhere, especially as other larger area retailers continue to push into the organic food markets, while still adequately serving its members and being a welcoming, friendly location for others in the community. Finally, I would like to see the board consider revisiting the idea of relocation to a larger downtown store location in order to increase and improve the availability of products at the store.

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