Maple City Market

Anna Parker

Anna Parker

Why are you interested in serving on the MCM Board?

I’m interested in serving on the Maple City Market board because I believe the food we put into our bodies and the people we’re in relationship with have the greatest impact on our personal wellbeing, and our ability to access our highest potential. And I believe that designing systems to return energy and vitality to the Earth has the greatest impact on our collective wellbeing.

I can’t think of an organization that’s more central to those beliefs than MCM, and I’d like to partner with the board and the staff to do just that – help more people achieve their highest potential and contribute to our collective wellbeing.

I shopped with my Mom at the co-op of the 80s and 90s when it was on Lincolnway, and now I bring my daughter with me every Friday to do our grocery shopping. Serving on the board would be an opportunity for me to help envision the MCM of the future, and shape the experience for future generations who will carry on the traditions of equity, regeneration and social good.

MCM’s Ends Statement describes how we work together to impact our community in tangible ways. If elected, how might you envision Maple City Market changing and evolving to better achieve these ends?

I think it’s important to acknowledge the cultural context in which MCM is evolving: We live in a uniquely diverse community, yet we’re united in that we’ve all experienced a protracted global health crisis, supply chain disruption and inflation that’s affecting food prices. Healthy, low-cost and low-stress meals have never been more important to more families. There’s also a growing sense of urgency to address climate change, reduce waste and develop sustainable systems for our own households, and our community at large. If elected, I’d like to use my experience in values-based strategic planning, consumer research and organizational leadership to help MCM design insight-driven programs and engage current and potential members in a meaningful and motivating way.

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